How To Organize A Proper Essay Plan On The Conflict In Romeo And Juliet

There are a variety of different themes to examine when writing an academic piece of work relating to Romeo and Juliet. For example, you may wish to discuss the conflict that exists within Romeo Juliet. If this is the case, then the following should give you a better understanding of how to organize a proper essay plan when writing this kind of work.

Deciding what aspects of conflict in Romeo and Juliet you want to focus on

In order to help you with your planning, it is a good idea to decide which aspects of conflict you wish to focus on. For example, you may wish to look at the way the two families disagree with each other, as well as specific instances of this, and what the impact this has on their lives, and the story as a whole.

It is a good idea to try and get a few ideas written down, so that you can start to create some sort of logical plan the work that you will be doing. In fact, you can even start to plan individual paragraphs and sections of your work, so as to ensure that you put forward a coherent set of points or arguments.

Making notes and highlighting important passages

Whilst reading the work, it is a good idea to make notes and highlight important passages relating to conflict. This will make it easier to put forward any arguments that you wish to make in your work. Of course, as well as making notes and highlighting passages yourself, it is also possible to purchase a variety of writing guides related to Romeo Juliet, which will often highlight and explain important parts of Romeo and Juliet for you.

Creating a realistic timeframe

Once you have put together a reasonable plan of what you need to do in terms of the sections that you need to write, you should also start to think about any other tasks that you will have to perform in order to get the work done. For example, you may need to put aside some time to read Romeo and Juliet, and carry out any additional research.

Once you know exactly what you will need to do, you can start to put together a realistic timeframe. It is important that you are as realistic as possible, as this will avoid any complications when the deadline starts to approach.

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