How To Create A Good Argumentative Essay On Beauty: Fresh Ideas for Your Paper

Argumentative essays can be challenging especially if you are not good at making arguments on a topic you do not understand. When writing an argumentative essay, you have to debate the pros and cons and then draw your conclusion from the results you get either supporting one side of the argument or the other. In this concept we are basing our argument on beauty discussing the pros and cons. In most cases one would think we have it all and that beauty is magical. However, by reversing the whole scenario to depict beauty as something that is bad, you stand a chance of getting your readers attention. Here is a simple guide of writing a good argumentative essay on beauty.

  1. Introduce your essay in a professional way indicating clearly the two sides of the argument. You do not have to draw a table separating the sides but listing each argument in its own paragraph will be presentable enough.
  2. Make a list of the pros supporting beauty as good and a tool to admirable and love. Come up with a number of logical points supporting it and list them down. You should note that only logical points will be considered and the less supported arguments will be canceled. Therefore, make sure you have viable points on the same.
  3. On the cons side, list a number of points. It does not matter if you have not exhausted the points. Literally, all you have to do is to provide a mental picture that you have exhausted the points on the proposing side making the opposing side the winning side.
  4. With the available points at hand, you can draw your conclusion basing facts on the available points that you have provided and not adding any extra points that are not initially there. By doing this, you have made complete logical sense that you have opposed beauty in your argumentative essay. To support your facts, you should mention some facts from the arguments you gave earlier but on the side you want to support.
  5. Your conclusion should start with a clear statement that “therefore or according to my findings”… this will tend to be catchy enough as opposed to making ambiguous statement.

The aforementioned points can make you produce a very nice argumentative essay on this topic. Ultimately, you need something that will catch the attention of the readers and earn you more marks.

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