What Does A Profile Essay Look Like: 6 Useful Suggestions

Profile essay is an opportunity for you to craft something that focuses on presenting information about a person. Below are six useful suggestions for writing a profile essay:

  1. The first suggestion is to understand that part of your profile requires you to interview the person and the second part is to write the final profile. The goal of this profile should be to provide your reader with the biographical sketch so that your reader understands the accomplishments, character, appearance, and behavior of the person in order to cover all of those areas you have to pay close attention during the interview process and not only observe the answers that the individual provides for you but also their characteristics. You have to focus on exciting attributes about that person that you personally would enjoy reading so that you know the attributes you are covering would be something of interest to your readers. Whatever the subject is your goal is to show them what you find amazing or fascinating about the subject.
  2. The second suggestion is to determine your interview questions prior to arriving. You want to do your homework about this person before you start the interview process so that you already know the basic questions like who they are, when they were born, what they do for living and where they work. You want to ask these questions in the interview nonetheless so that you have a primary source for their answers but you also want to observe the behavior and the appearance of the person you are interviewing. You should investigate their accomplishments both personal and professional as well as an interest or hobbies that they have. Having some idea of what attribute it is you want to focus on will help you to dig a little bit deeper within your interview process. But remember that during the interview you want to be open to acquiring new information about that person which could help your thesis.
  3. The third suggestion is to start writing your paper with a biographical sketch. Introductory paragraph should introduce the person's name as well as their parents, their professional accomplishments and it should answer the big questions like B who, what, where, when, and why. This is also where you introduce your thesis which should be the unique attribute you want to explain throughout the course of your profile. You want this area to function as a hook which pulls your readers in and causes them to long to learn more about the person in question area.
  4. The fourth suggestion is to use an inverted pyramid in order to organize your content
  5. The fifth is to decide on the appropriate number of paragraphs based on your word count
  6. The sixth suggestion is to end your essay with a conclusion that recaps the high points but phrases them in a slightly different way and also includes a personal quotation or insight from the individual.

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