A Writing Tutorial On Beginning An Expository Essay

Before writing an expository essay, you first need to understand what the essay is all about. This type of essay requires the research of an idea, expound it and set up an argument based on it. This type of work requires the most serious research, so before beginning your writing, you need to make sure that you have carried out extensive research on which to base your argument.

This type of writing carries out the same type of format as the other types of essay; introduction, content/body and conclusion. These parts of the writing are important and should be well written. But, the most important part in all these three is the introduction. This crucial beginning point determines whether the whole expository writing is taken into any consideration or whether the reader decides to read it. This part of your work should be carefully and creatively drafted to ensure that your essay attracts the attention of the reader.

As you write your essay you should ensure the following things:

Brainstorming and planning

Before you begin writing, you need to gather all your work and research and formulate the way in which you will present it. This is because, the way in which you choose to present your work dictates how you will begin it.

Also, you need to know your audience. An introduction can be interesting and captivating. But to the wrong, it might sound boring and pointless. Your audience will also determine the language type you use in your work.

Starting formats

There are different ways in which to begin your introduction. All of which are interesting and captivating:

  • Questions- you can choose to begin your introduction by asking a rhetorical question to the reader. The question you choose to ask should be very captivating to the reader. The question should also directly relate to the topic you are going to decide. Meaningless questions will undoubtedly make you lose points.
  • Lead with a fact- you can begin your introduction with a great fact about your research. Formulate the fact such that it touches deeply and carries a lot of weight.
  • Word definition- you may choose to begin with a defining a word. But you must be careful to pick a word that touches on your set topic.


Your introduction should be brief and precise. As your introduction ends, you should ensure that it gracefully invites the content part of the expository paper. This transition will most definitely lead the reader on and on.

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