15 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics About Basketball

All right, so you have been tasked with compiling an argumentative essay on basketball. No doubt the basketball fans in class are overjoyed. If however, soccer or rugby is more your thing and you are finding yourself struggling to come up with an interesting topic to write about then hopefully my 15 suggestions will spur you into both researching and formulating an opinion that you can then convert into an outstanding piece of work.

  1. Compare the salaries of the men’s United States basketball team versus the women’s United States basketball team. Is it even remotely equal? Should more be done at the top level of sport to ensure equality?
  2. Delve into the history of basketball. Would an ordinary P.E. teacher in modern times be able to come up with a sport that would be played at international levels and attract the top athletes in the world?
  3. Will there ever be another Michael Jordan?
  4. Is there ever any circumstances when the use of performance enhancing drugs would be acceptable in basketball?
  5. Is the Jump Shot overrated? Could it be argued that other moves are of equal importance and require the same degree of skill?
  6. Should basketball be mandatory in schools? Or, should kids be given more choice over the kind of sport that they want to get involved in. Should schools hold elections to decide which sports make it onto the curriculum and which don’t?
  7. Is basketball an American sport? What more can be done to increase its popularity in European countries?
  8. Basketball is played between two teams of five players. Would a team of six be more effective? Why is five the optimum number?
  9. Basketball just like soccer has become a highly commercial sport. Has commercialization gone too far? Should it be stripped back so that it was more about the taking part and competitive spirit? Could basketball be the trail blazer that guilt trips other sports into following suit?
  10. Could doing a regular workout with a basketball be the answer to the obesity problem? If the government were to offer free workouts to the obese would this solve the problem? Should the state intervene like this? Is it the responsibility of individuals to take responsibility for their health?
  11. Explore the process that one would need to follow in order to become a professional basketball player. Is skill enough? Is there a political element?
  12. Sexism in basketball. Is it perceived to be a male-oriented sport? Do young girls really aspire to become basketball players?
  13. Basketball as an aphrodisiac. Can watching a game be a turn on? Explore the advertising around the subject. Is basketball perceived as a sexy sport? Or does it play more into the all-American theme?
  14. Is enough attention paid to safety in basketball? Can more be done?
  15. Compare and contrast the fortunes of two basketball teams.

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