Quick Tips For Creating A Good Narrative Essay About A Vacation

Vacations, we all want more of them, sadly, they must be earned and in today’s economies, their costs go up every year. Yet, it is an act that is necessary for healthy living, which may beg the question, is healthy living for the wealthy alone? Most jobs offer their employees at least one week of vacation every year and so during this week, families often try their best to make it worth every minute.

When we talk about a vacation, we often mean different locations, parties and of course, lots of spending. In your narrative of a vacation, you will, of course, need to have been there and secondly, the story must be an interesting one. The following are some simple tips to help you create a good narrative of a vacation:

  1. Have a theme
  2. A vacation can be anything a person considers to be worth their free time, from simple activities like reading a good book while laying easy in a hammock all week or extreme activities like white water rafting. Whatever you choose to be the focus of your narrative about a vacation, your best bet is to make sure your story contains a theme or some form of deep meaning that a reader can relate to.

  3. Describe the scenery
  4. When people think vacation they thing of different, maybe even glamorous locations so a very important aspect of your paper should be a description of the local scenery, wherever your vacation takes place. With this done properly, your reader will get a greater sense of the feelings and experiences you are trying to describe in your story.

  5. Identify main characters in the story
  6. Every story should have at least one character and you should spend some time providing minor back ground information on this character before you proceed with the main plot of your story.

  7. Lead up to a high point
  8. Without a climax to your story, you will simply be relating events that took place from one period of time to another. Be sure to include a special scene in your story, it can be one of excitement or fulfillment but the bottom line is, your story must have a plot.

  9. Give your story a good ending
  10. All good stories must come to an end and yours is no different, however, without a proper closing, readers will not acquire a sense of completion after reading your essay. Make sure you final statement serves to close up the story nicely.

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