How To Compose An Outstanding 5-Page Narrative Essay

While the basic structure of the essay remains the same—the introduction, the body and the conclusion—modifications can be made to the same while writing different kinds of projects. A narrative paper requires one to narrate or describe how an event took place. Thus, its tone is much more detailed and relaxed than an argumentative one. If you are looking for tips on how to compose a narrative essay, read on!

How to compose an outstanding 5-page narrative essay

  1. The maximum time should be spent on the introduction
  2. The introduction, essentially, should be the most interesting part of your paper. It is what the reader first reads and based on the quality, decides whether to devote time to the rest of the project. A study indicates that you have only twenty seconds in order to make an impression on the reader’s mind, after which he or she moves on to something else. Therefore, in order to woo your audience, you need to spend a good amount of time getting your introduction just right. This does not, however, mean that you neglect the body and the conclusion.

  3. Use simple language
  4. You might be tempted to lace your project with a little John Keats, and maybe throw in a little a Shakespeare here and there. Refrain from doing so for the simple reason that narrative essays are usually based on events that happened. At its simplest, a narrative might ask you to describe a family picnic, for example. What seems more plausible: that you quoted John Keats to your cousin, or that you played baseball? Thus, use simple, straightforward language.

  5. Flow with the story
  6. Keep the tone of your paper natural, and do not introduce too many twists. One of the best ways to do so is to prepare a first rough draft, written in the most easy-going, laid back the way you could have. This is the basic skeleton of your story. All you have to do now is add flesh and bones to it. Keep the narration engaging, and flow with the story.

  7. Stay active
  8. Using passive voice will give your assignment a formal tone, which will put off more readers than it attracts. Always use active voice when writing a narrative essay. Not only does it shorten the sentences to make them less complex, it also keeps the reader in the moment, thus increasing the probability of having him or her read till the end.

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