Practical Advice On How To Compose An Illustration Essay On Road Rage

Road rage is a problem that can occur anywhere in the world but is of particular concern within the country of the United States. This driving issue causes people to drive irrationally and dangerously from some perceived wrong that was witnessed by another driver on the road. It could be precipitated by stress from a job or life in general but those drivers who are vulnerable to this issue must deal with the stresses that it causes them in their driving and the potential impacts it could have on the road. Here are a few tips if you must compose an illustration essay on road rage so that you can isolate the issue into one piece of writing.

Draw from personal experience

Have you ever been driving and were late arriving to an appointment and everyone in front of you seems to be driving slowly looking for their turn? Have you felt the frustration of being stuck behind these drivers unable to pass and at least drive the speed limit? If this sounds familiar then you may have your own experiences that you can use. Consider the situation where you experienced these feelings or road rage and how you chose to deal with them. Look at your reactions or possibly your interactions with the other driver and use them in your illustration.

Talk with friends or family or drive frequently

If you rarely drive or live close by your school and only walk then you may not have your own experiences to draw from so consider talking to friends or family that must commute regularly. Ask them if they have experienced road rage while they were driving and then what happened. Determine how they responded to unnecessary rage from other drivers or maybe asked why they became so upset themselves if they were the perpetrator. No matter what side of the wheel they were on their experiences with road rage will give you information and material to compose your assignment.

Composing an illustration essay on road rage can be a simple matter of drawing on your own personal experiences on the road while you are driving or talking to family and friends. When you begin to investigate your topic you just might be surprised how many people have experienced this issue and have many stories to share with you.

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