How To Come Up With Unique Essay Topics On Fahrenheit 451

The goal of an essay is to show the side you are supporting in an argument. It is your role to take a side in the argument and represent the case that you want to support. You have to convince your audience to agree with your side by giving them facts rather than opinions. It can be a bit challenging to choose an essay on Fahrenheit 451 since you will need to choose a controversial topic. Rather than writing a topic on a certain book fact, you will need to write a fact on what the book portrays. However, there are certain topics that are good choice for an essay topic on Fahrenheit 451. Here are a few ideas that you can use to write your topics.

Background of the novel

In order to come up with a unique topic on Fahrenheit 451, you will need to start by understanding the facts of the novel. The theme of the novel was that books and education will at last become obsolete. According to the author, the technological advancement and the fact that information is now available from other sources other than books will eventually cause the collapse of the education system.

Your goal when writing an essay on Fahrenheit 451 should be to agree or disagree with the facts as discussed in the book. You should start your thesis with the main points before listing down at least 3 reasons to support your argument.

  • There will be a diminishing of responsibility to other people as a result of the need to fulfill oneself
  • The expectations of educations will at last have to be reduced.
  • There will be more overcrowding in schools
  • Technology will reduce the need to know everything on a certain subject
  • Education is overrated
  • Education has empathized on understanding and knowing facts rather than questioning and thinking about the material
  • There will be removal of everything as a result of censorship so that people may not be offended
  • Learning causes inequality
  • Many people wouldnā€™t care if books were illegalized
  • With the continued advancement of education, it will no longer be very important to understand facts on things

With these topics, you will be able to create a good essay topic on Fahrenheit 451. However, you will need to first read and understand the novel before you can write your essay so that you can have enough points to discuss.

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