Writing A Strong Narrative Essay About Your Unforgettable Memories

There aren’t many writing assignments students find appealing as the narrative essay. It basically requires great story telling on just about any topic you’d like – from distant or recent experience to a person who has had a strong influence on your life. It takes vivid details and strong choice of words to paint a picture of your topic for your readers. Whether your professor has assigned topics or you get to choose one of your own, the following will show you how to write a strong narrative essay:

Choosing a good topic

If you are asked to write about an unforgettable memory then you must have realized that your possibilities for a topic are endless. To make for a strong narrative essay try choosing something that had a lasting effect on your life. Consider losing a friend or family pet. Getting lost while on vacation. Having a near death experience. While everybody experiences similar events in life, yours will remain unique the moment you add details about your specific memory.

Pre-writing and outlining

With this kind of writing assignment you should do a little planning beforehand. Pre-writing involves spending time brainstorming. Take your topic and write a few of the key moments that led up to it, things you remember about your surroundings, what you felt, and anything that happened afterwards. Take the best elements and put those into an outline. You’ll have a much easier time writing your first draft with an organized approach.

Writing the first draft

When you write your first draft, it’s important that you do so quickly and efficiently. Don’t stop to make corrections to your text. You’ll have plenty of time to do this later in the process. Writing a first draft is an exercise to help you get all of your thoughts down on paper (or on your computer). It’s okay to be repetitive, just get your thoughts to flow freely.

Revising your content

The next step in writing a strong narrative essay is revising the content of your first draft. When revising, you must actively look towards finding ways to improve your narrative essay by rearranging, deleting, or adding content. You could start making your first round of corrections at this stage; just remember that you will still go through to do this more precisely in the next step.

Editing and Proofreading

The last step towards writing a great narrative essay about your unforgettable memories is editing and proofreading. When editing look for ways to make your sentence constructions less complicated, as well as look for ways to use simpler, more precise words. When proofreading, start at the paper level and work your way down to the sentence level to ensure you find the tiny mistakes.

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