List Of Exciting High School Persuasive Essay Topics

The persuasive essay must compel the reader to understand or even take on the views of the writer. The writer accomplishes this by presenting their strongest argument based on verifiable evidence accompanied by detailed explanations and representations. Here are eleven examples of exciting high school persuasive essay topics:

  • Masturbation should be encouraged
  • Show how masturbation being more accepted as a form of sexual release could greatly curb teenage pregnancies.

  • Sex education should be taught sooner.
  • The average age of sexual education is sixteen and this should be reduced to ensure that young people are knowledgeable about sex before reaching puberty, which can occur at different times for each individual.

  • Students should have more free time
  • Students are given too much homework where relaxation would better promote learning.

  • Crime is caused by existing laws
  • Show how laws exists that don't take those of lesser means into consideration can force individuals into the role of a criminal.

  • Water is the only substance a person should drink
  • We consume many artificial drinks when none of this is necessary since we are capable of meeting all our nutritional needs through food consumption alone.

  • Sleep deprivation is harmful to health
  • Show how missing sleep can be bad for one’s health and speculate possible measures that could ensure everyone gets enough sleep.

  • School should take place at night
  • Many studies have shown that sleeping improves memory. Show how this supports the idea that school should happen just before we sleep at night.

  • Religions should be outlawed
  • Religions profess many unscientific claims to the public and sometimes they even try to impose bans on scientific practices and theories. Give reasons to support imposing serious restrictions on the influence of religions.

  • Possession of personal motor powered vehicles should cease
  • Many studies show that our actions are contributing greatly to the destruction of our habitat on earth. Give compelling evidence to support use of more manually powered modes of transportation.

  • All forms of pet keeping that involve a method of imprisonment should be banned
  • We consider many animals to be pets, however, animals like many types of birds and fish have to be imprisoned in order to keep them as pets. This is a violation of their right to freedom as living creatures.

  • We should pursue space exploration more
  • Give reasons to support the idea that humans as a species should hasten our colonization of other planets and moons.

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