15 Successful Persuasive Essay Topics On Wuthering Heights

Reading the novel Wuthering Heights offers different views and opinions when considering actions and events related to the characters. After reading the novel you should have good perspective as to which elements offer elements of persuasion. The following tips can help you analyze the novel and gain insight on areas you can write about for a persuasive essay.

Taking Notes for Your Essay on Wuthering Heights

Read the novel in detail and take notes as you review the content. When you find points of interest that spark an idea write it down. You can take notes on any aspect of the story such as the plot, character role or events that occurred. As you get more information about the story you may get a few ideas for a potential essay topic you want to explore in more detail later.

Elements to Help You Choose an Essay Topic to Write about

Your essay guidelines may offer insight on how to write your paper for your topic. This means your idea should help you create a paper based on expectations you need to meet. Think about things you liked or disliked. Do you have questions about how or why the author wrote the novel in the fashion they did?

15 Writing Prompts for Your Essay on Wuthering Heights to Consider

To help you get started brainstorming here are 15 essay writing prompts to consider.

  1. Should readers agree on how revenge was sought in relation to love?
  2. Do you agree with narrator’s personalities in relation to how the story was told?
  3. Can readers learn from elements of conflict and misery outlined in the novel?
  4. Is Heathcliff’s obsession justified in the novel?
  5. Should people think Heathcliff is a good character in the novel?
  6. Should readers think the ending of the story is positive?
  7. Does character behavior in the novel match actions they commit?
  8. Should more than one person tell the story?
  9. The novel gains little depth in having more than one voice tell the events.
  10. Characters readers should like.
  11. Heathcliff character can be a good role model.
  12. Spirits in the story helped the plot come alive.
  13. Which narrator’s best make the story interesting?
  14. Did the story need supernatural elements?
  15. Why the ending of the story should be considered sad.

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