Searching For 7th Grade Expository Essay Samples On The Web: Useful Hints

Learning to write is not as easy as it sounds. With the variety of learning styles, not every student will successfully learn from every teacher. Some students need to learn by seeing examples and many teachers are hesitant to offer them. They worry that their students will use the examples and not come up with their own unique essays. Fortunately, it is easy to find examples, even for students who are in middle school grades.

Online Writing Labs

One of the most useful resources for expository essays is an online writing lab. These labs provide examples, tutorials, and everything else you could ever imagine for writing assistance. Some labs are sponsored by colleges and universities. Some are simply sponsored by nonprofit organizations or school districts. Check out this great resource.

Teacher Websites

You can also find sample essays from teacher websites and blogs. There are plenty of teachers who give their students the opportunity to write blog posts and share their writing with the online universe. There are also teachers who create websites for their students, so they provide examples that their students can use. Many of them are available for anyone to look at, even if you go to a different school.

Textbook Websites

Textbook websites are also helpful for example expository essays for seventh grade students. You might not be able to find a full example on a textbook site, but you should be able to find introductions, expository body paragraphs, and sample conclusions. You should be able to find lessons on topic sentences and supporting details as well as lessons about thesis statements and other necessities. Even if your child does not use a textbook in class, you should be able to access some material on a publisher’s site.

Standardized Test Websites

One more useful place to look for sample online essays is any standardized test website. Many of the federal and state standardized tests release essays written by students who have taken past tests. They share these to show how they grade the tests so teachers know how to prepare their students. The samples usually come with explanations that show why it received the score. Since most standardized test essays are written in timed conditions, they may not be the best examples, but they will do if you cannot find anything else.

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