Academic Writing 101: Can A Descriptive Essay Be Written In First Person?

If you want to write a descriptive essay, this will be a pretty difficult job if you don’t pay attention to the few steps needed. A descriptive essay is an essay in which you describe everything in detail to the viewer – persons, places etc. and you have to give specific details, it’s not enough to write the car is old, you have to describe it, the flat tires, the rugged interior, the scorched paint etc.

  • Once you have chosen the topic, you have to make sure you research a little bit on it. You won’t need that much in this particular area, but you need it anyway. So after you research on it, you can begin. You have to have everything in place before you start if you want a great essay, so make sure you take notes, write everything down, and keep them nearby as you write, you might want to look on them again and again If you feel like doing it.
  • In first person it’s the best way to write a descriptive essay since you want to explain and describe everything from your point of view. Try to say how bad or good a thing looks, as long as you don’t give too many details. Explain everything but only explain it once, and do it good.
  • Imagination. Well this is the most important part if you want to write a good descriptive essay. Try to describe everything in a creative manner, use many examples and try to create in your mind and then write on paper a vivid and full picture of what it should look like, so the viewer can picture in their head what you are talking about.
  • Feelings. If you talk about persons, try to invoke feelings as much as possible. Don’t just say “ There was a sense of anger in the air “ instead say “ I was really angry because…” use the first person point of view and use every emotion you can get. This way the reader will identify with the story better, if you can make him feel the same range of emotions the person in the essay feels. Don’t just say you are angry, explain why you are angry and make the person understand why. This way he will put himself in those shoes, and appreciate the writing even more.

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