In Search Of Checked Expository Essay Examples For 5th Grade Students

One of the best places to look for checked expository essay examples for 5th Grade students has to be on the internet.

  1. Ideally you need to remind yourself of the requirements that are needed for an expository essay, especially at 5th grade level. Make a note of the typical word count and the level of grammar that is expected.
  2. At this point it may also be worth looking for a list of selected topics that would be suitable for this level of work. Not all topics would be suitable for this age group and you will need to check the appropriateness.
  3. Using a search engine that is devoted to academic websites. You can use other search engines but you may find that you will end up with a list of websites that do not match your requirements.
  4. Decide on the key words that you need to use. Although the computer will enable you to access your search history it is a good idea to make a list of the key words you use and the order in which you use them.
  5. Now you have a selection of web sites to look at. You will usually find that the first few selected websites will have the best match to your requirements but that is not always the case.
  6. Look at the first website. What is it offering in the way of qualified teachers? You need to see work that is marked at a good standard and with helpful marking, not just a tick and a score.
  7. Does it specify what it offers in the way of essays? Can they provide you with work at different standards, for example ideally you will need to see a selection of average, poor and exceptional.
  8. Is access to checked expository essays free or is there a cost. Many websites will offer free samples, but you may not be able to download them or you may just have limited access.
  9. If you are looking for several pieces of work you may consider looking at several websites and making comparisons between the quality of the work and the quality of the marking.
  10. You may also find what you are looking for in the form of instructional videos. These can be very useful as some of them will focus on the marking process and the reasons for the mark given, which can prove to be enlightening.

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