The Secret Of Creating A Magazine Ad Visual Analysis Essay Without Mistakes

What is a visual analysis? A visual analysis is looking at an art piece and talking about the artistic elements used in that piece. This type of essay is an opinion essay and it revolves around your taste in the visual arts. An important key in writing a good visual analysis essay is keeping an open mind. Critique the piece but don't belittle it.

  • Questions to ask yourself before you start writing:
    • Did the piece catch your eye? If so what did?
    • Was the composition of the space too cluttered? Was there too much negative space?
    • What is your interpretation of what the piece is trying to show the viewer?
  • The reason these questions are good to ask yourself before you start writing is it gets your mind thinking.
  • Another secret is knowing and researching the different artistic terms and elements like hue, line, and space.
  • After learning the terms and the definitions of them in the artistic world, it's time to start an outline.
  • This type of writing should have five paragraphs, an introduction, the description of the piece, Personal view of the concept, pros and cons, and a conclusion about whether you think the piece was a success or failure.
  • The first step in the article is describing the piece with no opinion, the most vibrant colors, how much negative space is left, and the different shapes used.
  • Now for the fun part, putting your own spin on the piece. Mention how the color palette works with the product being advertised. This part is all about opinions on the piece - if you feel like this is a good concept or if it's just not working. Now remember the key fact that you are critiquing the work not belittling it.
  • This is where the open-mindedness comes in handy. Even if you hate the piece mention the things that do work, like if the concept is horrible if you love the color palette, mention it in the analysis. No matter what, find at least one positive thing in the work.
  • Last but not least is the conclusion. The conclusion is about whether you feel the piece was a success or failure.
  • After stating this, mention anything you would change about the piece and if you wouldn't change anything mention why you wouldn’t.

The best way of doing a visual analysis is just understanding the piece before judgment and breaking down why you feel this way for the piece. The reason this is a good way to do it is to make the opinion less bias by look deeper into the piece past first impressions.

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