10 Keys To Writing A Good Narrative Essay From Scratch

Writing a narrative essay is one of the most interesting tasks for students. You can conduct research and enjoy the process of writing. If you want to achieve the best possible results in the creation of your text, the following ten keys may be helpful.

  1. Create a draft plan before you start writing.
  2. It is always convenient to have a step-by-step plan before you start the process of creation. Write down all the vital points that should be mentioned in the text and start your work!

  3. Write a clear text.
  4. Clarity of the text is the first thing that influences the reader’s perception of that text. Try to avoid phrases and structures that are too complex. These elements can cause poor understanding and worsen the general impression of the narrative essay.

  5. Try to make the reader interested in your narration.
  6. You should hook the reader from the very beginning. If there is something intriguing in the first lines, one will more likely read the text to the end.

  7. Prove the significance of your experience.
  8. The main purpose of the narrative text is to share the writer’s experience with the surrounding world. You should prove in the text that your experience is significant. Compose the situation in a way that will be able to touch people’s hearts.

  9. Write sincerely.
  10. Sincere words are usually the strongest ones. Write about what you think even if you feel embarrassed or shy. An honest manner of writing will surely conquer the public.

  11. Use vivid imagery.
  12. Radiant imagery will make your text sound better. It can serve as a strong argument and emotional trigger.

  13. Do not write about something general.
  14. In this type of work you are describing your own experience and nobody else’s. Why should you write about something general? It has been done millions of times before. Narrow down the topic to something that only you can show.

  15. Use relevant descriptions.
  16. The best thing about narration is that you can use various descriptions. They improve the level of the text’s apprehensibility. Mind that descriptions should be relevant to the topic and situation so you should not overuse them.

  17. Communicate with the readers through your essay.
  18. Try to talk to the readers through your text. Ask them questions and make them think about the information in your work.

  19. Do not be afraid to use tropes.
  20. Tropes can work perfectly when you need to express your feelings, emotions, attitude to the situation, etc. In addition, well-formed metaphors and similes will greatly impress your readers and listeners.

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