Vital Advice For Students Breaking Their Heads Over Choosing Opinion Essay Topics

An opinion essay is the type of paper where the writers have to write their personal opinions and perceptions about a certain or subject. It is more like a persuasive style paper because you want to convince your audience that your opinions are right based on the factual evidence and logical data. You should also be able to either refute existing opinions or add on to them and show how your opinion or idea is the best.

The structure of this paper stays the same like any other traditional essay. This paper will start with an introduction where you will present your opinion or idea to the audience. You should explain the scope of your paper in this paragraph so that the readers know what they will find in the rest of your paper. The body of the paper will include the major arguments that you have to support your stance or opinion.

To choose a sound topic of your paper, you will need to make sure you write about something that you are passionate about so that you have motivation and interest in the assignment. Try breaking down the subject into sub categories and choose an area that suits your preferences. If you are having a hard time in choosing the right topic for your paper then you should consider the following topics.

Topics for an opinion essay

  1. Our futures are embedded in our past, give your opinion about how effective or ineffective is this statement
  2. Give reasons to show your stance on the quotation Smart work is the key to success, do you agree or disagree with this statement, give examples to prove your ideas
  3. Technology helps students in increasing their knowledge and the application of this knowledge in many ways. Do you agree or disagree with this statement. Use strong evidence and examples to prove your ideas
  4. Indoor games are better than outdoor games for mental fitness and growth, give reasons why you believe or not believe in this statement. Show examples to prove your ideas
  5. Should parents be strict with their kids for a good brought up, or should there be a strong friendship between the kids and the parents. Which one is better in your opinion and why do you think so? Can you give examples to illustrate your opinion

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