10 Helpful Tips To Compose A Good Essay On Land Pollution

If you have been asked to prepare an essay on land pollution, instead of seeing it as a bothersome task, you should see it as an opportunity to prove to the school authority that you are a student to be reckoned with. Whether you accept it or not, preparation of term papers and essays will be a part of your academic activities both in high school and college. On that note, the earlier you get used to the idea of carrying out one or more academic paper writing activities in every given school session, the easier you find it to handle such tasks. It’s a unique way of improving your scores.

Now, it is not everybody that knows how to compose a good essay, especially one that has to do with a global issue like land pollution. If this is the topic you have been assigned to do, listed below are 10 helpful tips that will get you on the way to starting and finishing your academic paper. They are as follows:

  • See it as a multiple-part project: If you want to make the most of writing your academic paper, you should learn to tackle it as a 5-7 part project. This is usually made up of the Introduction, three to five main ideas that make up the body of the paper and finally, the conclusion. Whether your paper is five paragraphs or seven paragraphs, using this structure will make it easier to start and finish the project.
  • Answer the first question in your introduction: This is that first part of the introduction where you let your target readers understand what your essay is strictly about. Since it is based on land pollution, you tell them that in plain terms.
  • Answer the second question in your introduction: This is that part where in your introduction, you let your target readers understand how you plan to talk about land pollution, briefly introducing the main ideas of the paper and any supporting evidence that would be the backbone of your viewpoints.
  • Answer the third question in your introduction: The final part of the paper which is the much talked about Thesis Statement. Being the last sentence in the introduction, it is where you tell your target readers, in plain terms, the argument on which the essay is based, being your point.
  • Introduce your point: This is the first part of the body of the paper where you introduce your point to the reader.
  • Explain your point: At this point, you have moved to the second paragraph of the body of work. It is where you explain the point of your paper or argument to your target readers.
  • Provide supporting evidence: You remember the evidence you talked about in your thesis statement? This is where you provide that evidence in order to further convince your readers.

The other three tips are as follows:

  • Explaining to the readers the relationship between the points/evidence and your thesis.
  • Restating your introduction in the conclusion. Please, don’t make the mistake of recopying what is written in the introduction, rephrase it all.
  • Proofread and edit before submission.

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