A List Of Useful Narrative Essay Prompts For College Students

If you are studying literature or writing in college or you are taking a basic writing course, you might have to write a narrative essay. These essays are not as commonly assigned as persuasive or informative pieces, but when they are assigned, students often have challenges deciding on a topic. Narrative essays tell stories, but they can also provide commentary and life lessons that have been learned. In most cases, these essays need to be about small moments in time. Here are a few idea for college students who need to complete this writing project:

Write about experiences:
  • My first day in the dorm
  • Everything I needed for life I learned in Kindergarten
  • What I do when I have nothing to do
  • The worst day I ever had a work
  • My best day on the athletic field
  • My most challenging moment of friendship
  • The best day with my family
  • The most horrible date
  • What made prom so fun/horrible
  • An embarrassing situation
  • A breakup or rejection
  • Making a difficult decision
  • Look an event from a different perspective
Write about hypothetical situations:
  • If I could hang out with a celebrity for a day
  • What book character would I most like to meet in real life
  • What would I do if I could travel in time
  • If I was the President
  • What would I do if won the lottery
  • What would I do if was invisible
  • If I could pick my family
  • My ideal vacation experience
  • Something I did that I wish I could do over

When you write a your narrative essay, you might have several emotions pop up. Many people describe the process as being cathartic, especially if they are writing about something that is emotionally draining. Students often feel better about negative experiences because they can look back on them and evaluate what happened. It is the evaluation of the experience that makes the narrative essay a positive experience for students.

There are so few opportunities for students to look back at moment in their lives or moments they wish they could experience and try to understand the how and why of the event. When you write the narrative piece, it is generally best to use the first-person voice so your readers can really understand exactly what you experienced in the story. Avoid using the pronoun ¨you¨ because it will take away from the efficiency of the story.

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