The Best Strategy To Write An Essay About Racism And Prejudice

When it comes to writing any essay of any type there is a certain strategy you should follow. As you become better at writing essays, you will have a strategy of your own that you follow and that has been successful for you. Here are a few guidelines you can use until you find a strategy of your own that you are comfortable with:

  • In this instance, you need to create an essay about racism and prejudice. The first thing you need to do is decide on a topic for this subject. This may be the most difficult thing you do. A good suggestion is to brainstorm to find a topic. Set a time for 2 minutes and write down as many topics along the subject of racism and prejudice that you can think of. Stop at 10 if you get there before the two minutes are up. After that, look over the 10 topics you have and eliminate five of them that you may not be able to find sufficient research on. Of the five that are left, think about what may be interesting and maybe not written about as often. You don’t want to bore your audience so choose the top three that you think your audience may like. Of those three, choose the one that YOU find the most interesting. After all, you are the one that has to write about the topic so it may as well be something that you are the most interested in.
  • Research effectively is the next most important thing you should do. Look in at least three different places for information so you can find some interesting things about your topic. As you are researching, take good notes and keep them organized. Think about what your topic sentence is going to be. This is the next most important thing about your essay.
  • Make an outline that includes your topic sentence and at least three things that will substantiate your topic sentence. Make sure you include your topic sentence in your introduction and write something that will hook your reader into reading the entire essay. Use interesting facts to back your thesis sentence and write them in your outline.
  • Create your rough draft based on your outline so you maintain a good flow and you don’t leave anything important out. After that have someone read over your rough draft and suggest any changes to make your essay easier to understand.
  • Write your final draft and hand in your essay with confidence.

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