Childhood Vaccination

Vaccination is the immunization of the body against very harmful infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and smallpox. Many vaccines of diseases, which strike during a young age, are administered to children for their protection and, if postponed or foregone altogether, it can cause serious complications in children and in some cases even be fatal. Many people are against vaccination of children citing possible side effects such as autism and diabetes.

How Vaccines Work

Vaccines help developed immunity by imitating infectious diseases. When the body is infected, the immune system produces ‘antibodies’ to fight off the infection. To mimic this effect, vaccines are made by sampling a less potent version of the infection and making it enter one’s body so the immune system can produce antibodies against it.

When a person has been administered vaccine, once they come into contact with an infection they have been vaccinated against, the body immediately produces antibodies to fight it off.

Natural Immunity

Many people refuse to have their children vaccinated citing that the immune system naturally fights off any infections and diseases. It is pre-existing and passed on from parent to offspring. Although natural vaccine provides more complete immunity it requires the child to be subject to the disease in the first place.

For example, a child needs to contract chicken pox to gain immunization against it. This is risky and can lead to complications if the immune system cannot fight off the disease and thus every medical institution highly recommends vaccine.

Possible Side Effects

There are many side effects on children due to vaccine. However, most of them are not fatal and very minor effects that do no big harm. Such side effects include swelling or redness of injection site, mild fever, shivering and headaches.

Although the experience is painful for children, it doesn’t present any fatal danger. There is serious side effect that children can contract know as anaphylactic reaction, which is an immediate side effect. These are dramatic and can be fatal, however the chances of this side effect occurring is one in a million and if given prompt medical attention the side effect is reversible.

In 1998 there was a false article in The Lancet, a peer reviewed medical journal, which claimed a strong link between autism and vaccination. After intense scrutiny journalists found that the author of the paper, Andrew Wakefield, had manipulated evidence and had broken a number of ethical codes conducting his research, and this forced The Lancet to retract the paper in 2010.

In the awakening of Wakefield’s paper, vaccination rates dropped sharply which resulted in increased incidences of measles and lump contributing to deaths and severe injuries. A 2011 journal-article described the paper as ‘’the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years’’.

Childhood vaccination is an excellent defense for the immune system of children to fight off danger infectious diseases such as measles and smallpox, which lead to deaths. Although vaccination has many critics, it is widely accepted as the best defense against natural infections by the medical community.

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