Where To Find Good Middle School Persuasive Essay Examples

Persuasive essays are just one of the many kinds of papers that you will have to learn to write in class. Often times students will start being assigned them in middle school for a number of reasons: they are fun to write, they allow the student to develop their own personal writing voice, they teach students how to develop and structure arguments, and they help students learn to organize papers around a central argument. The purpose of a persuasive paper is to persuade or convince your reader of a certain argument or position.

For many students this can be a difficult kind of paper to write because they are unsure of how to structure an argument to convince someone and they are often uncertain of how to incorporate their own voice. Finding good example papers can be invaluable in clearing up these uncertainties for students. However, finding example persuasive papers is not always easy to do.

Follow these simple tips to start your search:

  • Ask your teacher
  • Many times students are afraid to ask their teachers for example papers, or for help in general. But there is no need to be: if you explain to your teacher that you are not sure what is expected of you in the paper or that you are not sure how to structure it or what tone to use in writing it, and that you think that having an example would help to clear it up for you, they will almost certainly agree to help you find one. If your teacher seems hesitant about it, be sure to explain to them that you aren’t looking for something to copy, but that having examples is important to your learning style.

  • Ask your librarian
  • Similarly, you can always ask your librarian—either in your school’s library or your local town library—for help finding resources. Many students mistakenly think that librarians are only there to help you find books, but in reality they can help with much more.

  • Search online
  • You can also find good example papers online through a simple online search. While this is probably the most simple approach, its downfalls are that you won’t white be sure if they are good examples, and in some cases you may have to pay or give your personal information to access them. Be sure to include your age—in this case middle school—in your search to find papers that are appropriate for you.

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