5 Basic Criteria To Consider In Choosing A College Essay Topic

College students have to deal with various writing assignments each semester. The most popular assignment is an essay. So, they learn how to select topic ideas, organize their thoughts, find evidence, and format academic papers. There are many manuals designed to help students deal with their homework. However, it is recommended that you always start from the basics. The following basic criteria are useful to consider in choosing a topic for your work.

Choosing an Essay Paper Topic Without Effort

A college level writing may seem complicated, so you should focus on your task, take the necessary steps, and remember the following 5 criteria to come up with a manageable college essay topic:

  1. Keep in mind the class that you are writing for, the purpose of your work, and instructions of your professor. Then, consider potential arguments that you would like to discuss, literature worth analyzing, and unusual events interesting to describe.
  2. Think about how much time you have to complete your essay, what materials you might need, and what topic idea seems interesting to you. Write down the results of your brainstorming session and eliminate unreasonable ideas.
  3. Remember your audience. Analyze what kind of a paper your potential readers would like to read, what topics they consider important, and how they can oppose your arguments.
  4. Decide on your topic quickly and get to work. Just choose the topic that seems manageable and start your literature study. Do not procrastinate and wait for the best topic ever or else you will waste your time and can miss the deadline.
  5. Try hard to stick to a chosen topic or else you will have to start over. Avoid changing your topic idea in the middle of the writing process. However, if your instructor asks you to do so, you should consider selecting a similar topic.

Simple Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

You will complete your paper faster if you use some simple tips and tricks. Dozens of them can be easily found online and in your school’s writing lab. The most useful tip is to use a list of sample topic ideas or essay questions. It is a good idea to ask your classmates what topics they are writing about so that you will not pick the same one.

Another helpful trick is to consider writing about something that has impressed you lately, e.g. a new technology, natural disaster, or a person’s behavior. You can also write about what you find curious in this class or why it seems boring to you. Either way, make sure that you can provide a solid argumentation.

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