Things To Know To Get A Compare And Contrast Essay Examples For 9th Grade

Writing compare and contrast essays may be easy for some topics, as you only have to state what the things you describe have in common or what the difference is between them. However, the structure of this type of work may be confusing, and so might some of the topics given to you in 9th grade. It may be difficult to find examples to understand what should the paper look like exactly, so you may find the following information useful.

Must-Know Things to Get Good Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

  • Type of the work.
  • Keep in mind that you may get an assignment to write a compare or a contrast essay, as well as a mixed one, where you’ll have to both compare and contrast things you choose. That’s why you have to know that a compare task means describing the similarities the things you write about have, while a contrast task is vice versa – it needs you to describe why the two things are different.

  • 9th grade orientation.
  • You may get this kind of task as a part of your 9th grade program, as well as during the last year of your study at the university. Although the topic and the type may be the same, your approach to the work and its size will have to be different. That’s why, while searching for good examples, choose the material accordingly.

  • Places to get examples.
  • The most popular way to find any information nowadays is by surfing the Internet. There are plenty of different websites with free samples of any type of work.

    What to Compare or Contrast?

    If you have a free topic, choose anything you’re interested in. You may find an example on the Internet and write a similar work or just follow the structure and write something completely new.

    • If you’re fond of sports, write about two different kinds of sports.
    • If you like music, compare or contrast musical tendencies of different epochs.
    • If you’re a cinema goer, write about different genres of films, etc.

    Don’t underestimate the value of such tasks, as they’re widely encompassing, giving you a great possibility to discuss things you like. Make sure you choose an appropriate essay example for your schooling level and a great topic to meet your interests.

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