Coming up with good essay topics for grade 8

Were you given an essay as your next assignment? You better look for a good topic to write about in order to show all your skill with the words. We provide you with a few useful suggestions you should keep in mind when you decide the topic for your article.

  • Make a short list: focus on the headlines. First, you should decide the topic. Brainstorm a few headings for your essay. Make a short list so that you will be able to make a final decision later.
  • What are your personal preference? If you prefer to write about a certain matter or if you have previously created a similar essay, you should consider that experience when you decide the topic for the next one.
  • Do you feel more comfortable with a certain topic? If you happen to know a lot about a given topic, do not hesitate and go for it! It is always easier to write about something that you master.

If you have not decided what the most suitable topic for your 8th grade essay is, we list some good ideas you could consider:

  1. Should they rise or lower taxes? This is a never-ending topic of discussion everywhere. People do not want to pay more taxes but sometimes it is necessary, what do you think?
  2. Are video games too expensive? Every teenager knows how expensive the video games are. Do you think there is a way to lower their price or are they really worth what they cost?
  3. A playful dog or a lonely cat. Which one is your favourite pet and why? Explain everybody and support your arguments in favour & against your personal preference.
  4. What are the best-rated holiday destinations. Where would you like to go on vacation? Look for the most popular destinations and compare if they have the better rating, as well.
  5. The importance of taking care of the environment nowadays. Being 'eco' is trendy at this moment but it is not only about following a fashion. We have a responsibility with our habitat and, thus, we should make an effort to take care of it. What ecological measurements are being taken in your city?
  6. How to use mobile phones in a responsible way. Smartphones are everywhere and they are capable of almost anything. Are we using our popular gadgets in the correct way, though?
  7. The most useful tricks when using tablets. Teach everybody something they may not know about tactile screens. Show people how to make the best out of their devices.

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