7 Points To Consider Writing A Critical Analysis Essay

What is a critical analysis essay?

  • This type of analysis essay is a review of another person’s work like a poem, book, novel, TV Show, portrait, or painting.
  • The writer reads, reviews, or looks at the piece of work and gives their personal critique of the work.
  • This type of writing is subjective and not objective.
  • When completing a critical analysis paper, it includes two parts: reading that is critical and writing that is critical as well.
  • The writer of the paper gives their personal opinion of the piece of work after carefully evaluating it.

Seven points to use when writing a critical analysis essay:

  • Point #1: The writer must ensure that they can describe the purpose of the author and thesis of the work.
  • Point #2: The individual needs to identify the passage's main structure clearly by having all significant ideas identified.
  • Point #3: It is very imperative that the writer does a summary outline of the selected work and give a good description of it as well.
  • Point #4: The writer has to use the summary outline to begin writing the critical analysis essay that will include a brief summary of the piece of work.
  • Point #5: The writer must identify the main purpose for writing the critique. The purpose can one of the following:
    1. Inform the reader of all material that is factual.
    2. Persuade the reader to look at the piece of work in a certain way based on emotions or reasons.
    3. It can be for the pure reasoning of entertaining the reader.
  • Point #6: The person writing the critical paper must state the author’s reasoning for doing the piece of work.
  • Point #7: The writer must also state the means in which the author accomplished this reasoning.

Here are some good topics for a critical analysis essay:

  • Social issues, such as how fashion affects a person’s identity.
  • How human error affects the increase in airline planes crashing?
  • Has social media decreased the moral compass of young people?
  • Do auxiliary police have the same powers as regular police officers?
  • Why do teachers fail to report child abuse when they suspect it?
  • How does Jane Austen truly feel about marriage in her novels?
  • Was the Mona Lisa smiling or upset in the famous portrait by Michelangelo?
  • Is the everyday life of slaves accurately portrayed in Uncle Tom’s Cabin novel?

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