Writing A Decent Critical Analysis Essay On I Have A Dream Speech

I have a dream was the most memorable speech that Martin Luther King Jr. gave in public. He was completely focused in making a difference for people of his race, the Negro who lived in the USA, who were not free by that time yet. In order to develop a critical analysis of this speech, first you should understand the situation black people used to live in the North America back in those years. Equality, as we know it, is an achievement we have barely reached and we our societies are still working hard in order to assure this condition to every citizen.

  • Why did he give this speech? He began referring to Emancipation Proclamation, which was responsible of granting thousands and thousand of slaves their freedom in 1863, about one hundred year before this speech. However, by the time Martin Luther King Jr. lived black people had several restrictions in their civil rights in the USA. I Have a Dream is one of the defining speeches that supported the American Civil Rights Movement.
  • When and where did it take place? The I Have a Dream speech took place on August 28, 1963 at Lincoln´s Memorial Monument. It was the best moment for such a strong speech which was partly improvised by Martin Luther King. He had previously talked about his dreams to the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People back in 1960. This time, though, he went much further with the rhetoric.
  • What were the consequences of I Have a Dream? This speech had a huge impact in the American Civil Rights Movement because it absolutely reflected the willing of millions of people in the USA. Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and he was names Man of the Year by the TIME magazine for 1963. The March of Washington, where the speech was given, was such a success that President Kennedy could advance the civil rights legislation soon after.
  • The basic structure of a critical analysis essay. The I Have a Dream speech can be analysed using three rhetorical levels: prophetic voice, voice merging and dynamic spectacle. The basic structure of a critical analysis essay contains: background information, information about the speech, thesis statement, summary, interpretation and/or evaluation which contains discussion of the speech (organization and style) and a discussion of the effectiveness of this speech.

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