Recommendations On How To Write A Five-Page Essay In One Day

Getting Started

Everyone has some level of procrastinating ability or the excuse that they just didn't know about an assignment. Now you're that person, to some extent and if you really didn't know I'm a bit sorry. But it is high time you got started. You've even done an internet search on how to get this done in one day, but that's probably for the best because now we can help you out. You have a paper due right away, and none of the writing done so let's get you started on it.

Step One: Break Up Your Time

Working in blocks not only gives you time for much-appreciated stretching breaks but allows you to step away and recollect yourself. Term papers and research assignments are stressful. Being overly stressed, anxious or otherwise distracted with nerves isn't going to help you write your paper. Space about ten minutes for every forty minutes. Ten minutes gives you time to bring together your thoughts on the essay away from the computer. Breaking up your time also lets you set goals. As in: With this forty-minute block I need to finish one page. Using goals to complete homework assignments gives you small milestones. These milestones promote encouragement and offer a way for you to see your progress too.

Step Two: Outline By Page

Break down your points by page. You can still outline as most people do when working on a thesis, dissertation or most any assignment. But, breaking down an outline of the page lets you get a visual in any holes you may have between subjects.

Start out by making bold or italic one sentence summaries of what each section should cover. Then work in your research to blend from the previous topic or point and into the next. If you're working towards a thesis or dissertation, you really need to focus on ease for the reader that it's not choppy or abrupt.

If you're writing a research paper you haven't done the research for this will also break up what topics to look up. Then process through each page's outline with the goal of only finishing that section. Pour your focus and attention into being as thorough as possible within each broken down part. This will also save you time in editing.

Step Three: Edit

The thoroughness required in submitting a quality essay shouldn't be cut short because of a time crunch. Always make time to look over your completed work. Read backwards through your paper by paragraph. This will keep you from wanting to rephrase anything that's unnecessary. It will also keep you from trying to restructure your sentences in any way that would affect the content that follows after. Many people waste time trying to spiff up their work and forget that their first instinct is often the best to go with. Look for statements that don't make sense to the context of the essay and grammatical errors.

You're Done!

You've done it, made the deadline. Whenever you're short on time for homework or an essay remember to remain calm. Aim to break down any large project you need easy bite sized pieces and when you have the time plan ahead as much as possible. Then get to work, be focused and direct your attention to each smaller piece. The best of luck in your classroom or freelancing endeavors.

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