How To Choose Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

When students enter middle school, they are expected to write longer, better quality essays. One of the most common assignments is the persuasive essay. This type of writing requires the student to take a stance on a specific subject and persuade the reader to see things from their viewpoint. To get a top score on one of these assignments, students need to pick an interesting topic and start researching it as soon as the assignment is handed out.

  • Brainstorming
  • The first step in the writing process is to begin brainstorming. First, students should look at the writing prompt that was handed out by their teacher. They should see if there are specific topic requirements or limitations. In some cases, the student will have to follow very specific guidelines about what to write. If this is the case, the student should use the topic that was provided by their teacher. When a topic is not handed out, it is up to the student to find a topic idea that will work. The student can do this by sitting down with a piece of paper and brainstorming. In ten minutes, the student should write down all of the ideas that come into their mind. Afterward, the student just has to pick the right one.

  • Searching Online
  • If brainstorming did not help the student figure out a topic idea, they can always try looking online. Many teachers and students post topics on the Internet. Students can go to an academic site or an essay writing site to look for new ideas. On one of these websites, students can get topic ideas, writing examples and templates that they can use for their assignment.

  • Using Research to Support a Thesis
  • Unlike elementary school assignments, this writing project requires research and logical ideas. Students must find good sources from textbooks and the Internet that support their arguments. Each paragraph should include one or two pieces of research that support the thesis. In addition, students should make sure to cite any data that they include in their writing. If a quote or a piece of information is not cited, it is technically considered plagiarized.

Topic Ideas

Students who are still unable to think of a topic can try using one of the following ideas.

  1. Should the voting age be lowered?
  2. Should medical and scientific research be performed on animals?
  3. Should students be allowed to choose the types of lunches offered at their school?
  4. Are prisons an effective way to discourage crime?
  5. Should students be required to wear uniforms?
  6. Should students be given an iPad to do their classes online instead of in-person?
  7. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  8. Should people be required to walk or bike if they work within a mile of their house?
  9. Should children younger than 16 be allowed to work?
  10. Is television a bad influence?

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