The Most Efficient Strategy For Writing A Discursive Essay

A discursive essay is the type of assignment where you will discuss a problem, an issue or a controversy. These issues are mostly recent and the assignment is mostly written in a formal tone. Different universities and colleges require students to write this type of paper for the college admission and test their writing, critical thinking and analytical skills.

The most important element of such a paper that makes it different from ordinary assignments is that it needs to be objective. The writer has to present the problem or issue under concern in a rational manner and giving important attention to all of the aspects. If the instructions in the assignment require you to develop one point, then you should move to it after discussing the other points. You would often have to write this paper in the third person perspective. Instead of using words like my opinion or I believe, you should write the paper in a third person approach to make it more objective

The strategy for writing a discursive paper

Here is how you should attempt such an assignment for any given subject

The introduction

Most of the times you will start this paper with an introduction paragraph that will present the issue to the audience. It may even discuss the background of this problem and its relation to other current problems. The major part where you present the extract of the problem should be described in one paragraph. Ideally, this should take six sentences or less to introduce the problem

The body

After the introduction of your assignment, you will move forward to the body of your paper. This is where you will develop your major arguments and find supporting data for each of these arguments. Make sure that each body paragraph in your paper should only focus on one problem and they should all be unique in content and idea. Follow a logical order in the paragraphs in your paper

The conclusion

The last thing where you will end your paper is the conclusion where you summarize the entire essay. You can restate your thesis statement and show the larger significance of your work. The conclusion of your paper should leave a long lasting impression on your audience and give them food for thought for the rest of the assignment. Make sure that your paper is precise and relevant and avoid unnecessary details

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