The 10 Essential Expository Essay Writing Rules For Beginners

If you are tasked with writing an expository essay for the first time consider the 10 essential steps below.

  1. The first rule to creating an effective expository essay is to understand the assignment. Expository essays one which introduces your reader to a story and it is where used sets the stage with the necessary information for your reader. If you fail to do this then it will cause problems for your reader later on.
  2. The second rule is to think of this folder essay as the narrative, which it really is. If you consider the expository essay as a piece of writing designed to explain the reasons that you hold your opinion or to express them it will be significantly easier for you to write.
  3. Think of something that you believe and review why you believe it. This might require some deep insight personally but it will be worth it in the end because this is the third rule. Your job is to provide not only your opinion but to provide reasons to support that opinion. If you believe something you have to know why you believe it.
  4. The fourth rule is to remain formal in your town.
  5. The fifth rule is to communicate in a style which is concise and objectives. Avoid using third person for this assignment and avoid any slang terms or colloquialisms.
  6. The sixth rule is that you have an opinion in the form of your thesis. Try to come up with a general summary of the ideas you want to present or the opinion you're going to express. This should function as your thesis. From this thesis the remainder of your structure needs to be stripped and it all needs to be designed to support your thesis.
  7. The seventh rule is to understand that you cannot be wrong in this particular type of writing so long as you have the evidence to support the opinion you hold. You do not have to find the right evidence you have to find the evidence which is right for your opinion. Your audience knows that what you are presenting is your personal opinion so you don't have to be redundant in telling them this but you do have to avoid being generic with the word choices.
  8. The eighth rule is to use quotes in such a way that they demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.
  9. The ninth rule is to make sure that you thoroughly understand all of your grading requirements and the guidelines laid out by your teacher so that you can plan out the structure of your essay so that it meets these requirements exactly.
  10. The tenth rule is to edit and proofread with a day in between. You need to take a break from the final draft before you can go back and catch small errors or big errors.

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