A List Of The Most Interesting Essay Topics About Renaissance Art

Renaissance art is a common topic in the education system that it will be difficult to avoid it at one point. The expansive yet delicate nature of this topic is likely to cause a challenge when choosing a topic. Here are topics that will make your assignment on renaissance art easier and interesting to complete.

  1. Human nature and the art of renaissance
  2. Italian artists, their contribution and influence in renaissance artistry
  3. Women and their depiction in painting and sculptures of renaissance artists
  4. Judaism and its influence and contributions to renaissance art
  5. Influence of renaissance art on the Catholic Church and its imagery
  6. Comparison between renaissance art and works produced in the 20th century
  7. Art, region and society during the renaissance period
  8. The impact and influence of the story of David on renaissance art
  9. Mutation of art during the renaissance period and the undercurrents that shaped it
  10. Similarities and differences depicted in different art forms and works produced during the renaissance
  11. Was Leonardo Da Vinci the epitome of the renaissance era?
  12. The purpose of art during the renaissance period
  13. Transiting from medieval to renaissance art
  14. Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo: A comparison of their artistic prowess
  15. Traces of renaissance ideas in modern art

It is not enough to have an excellent topic for your essay. An interesting paper must handle the topic conclusively and in a captivating manner. Considering that the topic is in history, the paper should seek to give interesting details that will enlighten the reader. How can you achieve an interesting paper on renaissance art?

  • Read Extensively- peruse through a number of materials on the renaissance. This gives you a broader understanding beyond art. History and religious books will provide the best background information on the renaissance period.
  • Gather Facts- history relies on facts as opposed to opinion. Though your topic is on art, it is important to provide reliable facts on the art pieces or artists that you refer to.
  • Be Systematic- renaissance art was at its best compared to other eras. Seek to provide a consistent representation of art during this period. The years should be systematically ordered to avoid confusion.

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