List Of 15 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Consider

A compare and contrast essay is an academic paper where you should take two or more subjects and find their differences and similarities. This task is very interesting, especially if you can compare and contrast subjects of your choosing. Fortunately, teachers often give students an opportunity to select topics for their academic works. If you cannot generate a good idea for your paper, look at the list of topics below.

Topics for a Compare and Contrast Paper

  1. Talking to people and texting them.
  2. Wild animals and animals from a zoo.
  3. Volcanoes and mountains.
  4. Science fiction and fantasy.
  5. News on TV and news in social networks.
  6. The influence of your parents and the influence of your friends.
  7. Having a pet and having a child.
  8. Summer holidays and winter holidays.
  9. Going to a public school and homeschooling.
  10. Birds and pterosaurs.
  11. First astronauts and Christopher Columbus.
  12. Petrarch and Shakespeare.
  13. Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker.
  14. Learning Chinese and learning Esperanto.
  15. Liking somebody and loving somebody.

Writing a Compare and Contrast Paper

No matter what topic you choose, you should think before you start writing your essay. Examine your subjects thoroughly, maybe even read some literature on them to find their differences and similarities. Make an outline for your paper to make it flow smoothly and logically. Make sure to clearly introduce both subjects and your main goal in the opening paragraph. In the body, paragraphs, you should present the similarities and differences of your subjects in separate paragraphs. In the conclusion, you should provide the reader with a summation of your work and state its significance. Don’t forget to proofread your essay to make sure that you don’t submit it with grammar and spelling mistakes.

Getting Help with Writing a Compare and Contrast Paper

If you have doubt in your writing skills, you should ask somebody to help you compose your essay in order to get an excellent grade for it. Your first source of help is your teacher. You may approach them after school hours and ask them to provide you with thorough explanations on how to complete your academic assignment successfully. If you can spend some money, you may also attend a local academic center. Professionals who work there will provide you with both consultations and high-quality sample papers. The last option is to hire a personal academic tutor. This will cost you a pretty penny but your skills will be improved significantly.

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