Top 10 School Essay Topics You Can Investigate

It is the holidays again and you are burdened with your old enemy, paper writing. Essay writing is a daunting task, no matter how much time is given to completing it, one always falters in more ways than one. Selecting that perfect essay topic is another task that could not only be formidable but also jeopardous. You need to submerge yourself in exhausting research, keeping in mind your own forte and aptitude, before deciding on the topic. One wrong move could have your paper disgruntled at or cancelled. The selection itself takes a lot of time, being attentive is not enough; you also need to look through several sources before you settle with a topic. And once you have done that, another gargantuan task follows - the drafting. Given below are some persuasive topics for your school essays:

Protection and preservation of endangered animals- this being one of the most crucial topics these days, you can adopt unique ways to writing this essay. A chart could be prepared where the endangered species may be categorized and studied on.

The tax levied on junk food by the government- with obesity on the rise, this could be a promising topic where your opinions might bring a new dimension as well as a perspective.

Imagine yourself as the teacher for one day- topics where you can not only exhibit your own ideas but also your passion is sure to fetch you high grades.

The gender biased payment for the athletes- this a hot-of-the-press topic and considering many women grand slam winners were recently slammed by this practice, you could get a lot of information on it.

A dress code for the teachers- a relevant topic as this one could make you a star, be wary of your rationale though.

Death penalty or life imprisonment- this argumentative topic has remained a strong one from time immemorial, there is nothing better than you contributing to its fortitude.

Notebooks, tablets and kindles are replacing books- this is where you can voice out your agreement or discontentment over this replacement.

Should scientific researches be done on animals- with PETA fighting against this practice for ages, your essay could bring a new meaning to it.

School examinations evaluate a student’s character- you have to keep controversy at bay while writing on this topic.

Nuclear weapons as the killing machine- a lot of research would go into making this but a good work would go down generations in your school.

Go ahead, give your imagination wings.

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