A List Of Good Argumentative Essay Topics To Cover

Argumentative essays are a great way to demonstrate your abilities to write compelling papers that use good examples and argument points in order to convince your reader to agree or see eye to eye on an issue. Here is a list of good argumentative essay topics to consider for your assignment:

  1. How do you feel about cosmetic companies, medical researchers and other types of groups that perform experiments on animals? Some people believe that experimenting on animals is a necessity to ensure the safety in humans. Where do you stand?
  2. If your school had to make significant cutbacks which included a lot of student social activities such as dances or field trips, how would you approach arguing for the need to keep the activities or against keeping them?
  3. A lot of people become quite active about standing up for or promoting a cause such as human rights or environmental protection. Is there a cause you feel passionate about and can you write an argumentative essay convincing others to join you?
  4. Turn on the television on any given day and time and you will likely find a reality show. Do you think that these kinds of shows
  5. Do you think teenagers spend too much time watching TV? What effects is the current average of six hours per day having on people and do you think people should watch more or less?
  6. Advances in food technologies have allowed food manufacturers and farmers to genetically modify their crops to reduce the chances of catching disease, improve flavor and even reduce costs. Do you believe using these technologies are a good idea?
  7. Decades ago, it was normal for families to have more children than is the norm today. Do you believe that smaller families have any kind of advantage over larger families?
  8. What is your favorite book, movie, television show, band, or song and why? Can you write a persuasive essay convincing your readers to give your favorite a chance?
  9. Have you ever made an improvement or overcome a bad habit that was good for you and the lives of others? Can you convince others of making that same change or take up your need for change as a kind of inspiration to make in improvement in their lives?
  10. Some people go to college immediately after graduating high school. Other people prefer to take or more off to travel or earn some money working. What do you think is a better idea?

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