Top 24 Potential Essay Titles On To Kill A Mockingbird

More often than not writing a great essay title will have the power to compel the reader to approach a work with a lot more interest and enthusiasm than an essay title that falls flat or appears dull. Developing a good essay title is a process, but we’ve come up with 24 potential ones you can use for inspiration when crafting your own:

  1. Standing up to the racism and prejudice in small town Southern United States
  2. Atticus Finch’s uphill climb towards achieving legal equality and justice in a prejudiced southern town.
  3. The mature outlook: Scout’s understanding and showing of compassion during the events of the trial.
  4. The role of compassion in the American judicial system: Its failures and accomplishments within the novel.
  5. Maycomb, Alabama that quintessential southern town during the Great Depression: An analysis.
  6. Empathy: a discussion of the lessons learned by walking in other people’s skins.
  7. The Great Depression and its role within the actions and events of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  8. A discussion on ethics and courage within the citizens of Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930s.
  9. A comparison of portrayal between the black and white communities described in the novel.
  10. The case against prejudice and racism: an Analysis of Atticus Finch’s legal arguments.
  11. A discussion of the role of family in the novel; a critical analysis of Aunt Alexandria.
  12. Consequences of the unpopular route: How Atticus Finch commits to justice and equality.
  13. An analysis of Tom Robinson’s trial and its role within the context of the entire novel.
  14. The loss of innocence: The harsh realities of knowledge and experience from Scout’s perspective.
  15. Economy’s influence in the perception of the people in Maycomb, Alabama.
  16. Instilling virtue in a cruel world: An analysis of Atticus Finch’s parenting style over Jem and Scout.
  17. A discussion of Harper Lee’s portrayal of the black community within Maycomb, Alabama.
  18. The role of the single father: An understanding of Atticus Finch’s relationship with his children.
  19. An evaluation of Harper Lee’s use of good and evil within the context of the events leading to and in the trial.
  20. A discussion on Atticus Finch’s relationship to the rest of the town transitions through the novel.
  21. The idealization of the black community: the absence of negative qualities and emphasis of positive qualities.
  22. Changes in thought and beliefs: Jem and Scout’s transformation through the novel.
  23. An analysis of the childhood world of Dill, Jem and Scout and their relationship with Boo Radley.
  24. A discussion on the town’s description and how it serves to foreshadow events of the trial.

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