10 Fresh College Essay Topics On Global Problems And Challenges

The world has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. In fact sometimes it seems to change and morph with each passing day. However, some of the problems that we face collectively are surprisingly similar now to what they were a century ago. So, with that in mind it is easy to understand how students might fret about coming up with a topic on global problems and challenges from a fresh perspective. Here are 10 totally fresh ideas for you:

  • With the unprecedented number of migrants risking their lives to flee Syria and Iraq and making perilous journeys across the Meditteranean, this is no longer just a problem for the Southern European countries. With countries like Hungary now virtually on a war footing and tensions mounting at several European borders, is this just a European problem or does the US and the UN have a moral obligation and duty to step in?
  • Is there now justification for boots on the ground in Syria? If so, who is the enemy? Is it just ISIS? Or is there a compelling case for regime change and that Assad needs to go? Who gets to make that call?
  • Is Russia a threat to global security? Are we heading towards a new cold war, or worse? With Russia frequently sending its planes and subs and nudging sovereign borders, its intervention in the Ukraine and Crimea, and now it’s apparent propping up and arming of the Assad regime in Syria, are we underestimating their desire for a fight?
  • If Donald Trump were to secure the American presidency, how would this impact upon global relationships?
  • Is the Doomsday scenario a realistic prospect?
  • The clash of civilizations – Are we headed for an all-out war between Islam and Christianity? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this? Will diplomacy work?
  • The role of the pope in world peace-making efforts.
  • Tensions between Israel and the rest of the world. The American-Israeli relationship under Obama. Will there be a shift in policy regardless of who wins the American Presidential election in 2016
  • Would a British exit from the EU in 2017 combined with the current migrant crisis, ultimately result in the whole union breaking? Or is it strong enough to survive?
  • Does Alexis Tspras of Greece, pose a threat to global security?

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