How To Complete Your Essay Fast

When instructors assign writing assignments, students worry that they will not have enough time to write a quality paper. If the essay is timed, that worry increases even more. Students are usually unaware that they can speed up their writing so they no longer need to worry about running out of time. The steps are not difficult to follow and with a little bit of practice, students can learn to write papers quickly.

Create a Quick Plan for Your Writing Assignment

One of the first steps in writing a quick essay is to have a solid plan for your writing project. You do not need to write an outline, but you need to have a plan for your paper. You should know how you want to start and how you are going get there. It does not mean that you have to have every word planned out, but you should have a rough idea about the organization of your paper. This part of quick paper writing should not take more than minute of thought and eventually you will be able to plan out the essay in no time at all.

Build a Repertoire of Hooks

The next step is to have a standard introduction hook that works for you. Students often waste time planning how to start, but if they have a few favorite styles of hooks. If you practice the same type of hooks for every project, you will be able to write them quickly regardless of the topic. By perfecting one or two styles of hooks, you will never have to waste time planning a hook or the rest of the introduction.

Learn to Write a Proper Thesis

You will also need to learn how to write the thesis. The thesis should always include pieces of the prompt. It should always be put in the same place and it should always be connected to the hook with a bridge. After you have developed your favorite style of hooks, you should also be able to write a simple bridge that leads itself into thesis. You can write a quick introduction by having a collection of transitions and organizational style that you like to use. The thesis statement should always go at the end of the introduction and it should always be only one sentence in length.

Connect the Body Paragraphs to the Top Sentence and Thesis

The body paragraphs can be written quickly, especially if you connect them all to the thesis. To keep the essay concise, your topic sentence should have synonyms that connect to the keywords of the thesis. Then, you support each topic sentence. You should include your own thoughts - that you contemplated before you began the paper. Make sure those thoughts can be supported with proof.

Practice With Online Prompts and Grammar Checkers

Another key to writing quickly is to practice. Without practice, you will never get faster and you will never be able to build the confidence that will help you get your papers done. You can practice by looking for writing prompts online and timing yourself as you write about them. Your goal should be to get to 500 words in less than 20 minutes. You can check your grammar with an online grammar checking app to see if you wrote well. As you practice, you can work on your different hooks and thesis statements. You can also work on sentence variety, because you do not want your sentences to be boring and similar.

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